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Luxury Apartments and Homes in Halkidiki

Would you like to have your own property in greece, your own apartment or villa in a perfect place to spend your vacations, for you and your family? Our company constructs properties in Greece and homes in one of the most beautiful places in Greece, the area of Halkidiki. Ktima Chantzi consists of luxury villa residences for sale, 60, 95 and 110m each, which are built in a plot of total area of 60.000 m. The land is located with a beachfront sea view with plane trees, olive trees and poplar surroundings. The location of properties in Greece was chosen for its extreme natural beauty. All of these executive villas and apartments have a view of the sea and large gardens are available to buy. The rate of the plot for each residence is 450-2,000 m2. The architecture of the properties in Greece follows the traditional architectural style, imposed by the department of cultural Inheritance of the Ministry of Culture.
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We offer all types of homes and apartments. Various sizes and architectures are here for you to discover and choose. For us, every customer has different real estate needs and we are here to discuss them with you in order to figure out what type of home you really need.
The modern and developed construction of the plot is completely combined with the environment where the wood and the byzantine hand-made brick are dominating. The substructure of these dream real estate property in Greece can cover every need of occupancy in every season of the year and the completion of your dreams for a better life. If you can not impose limits on your desires and you want a comfortable way of life, discover a home in Greece better than one that you are thinking of buying.
In Halkidiki the dream of a new life for your family becomes true. The buy of an apartment or villa in Greece will offer you the quality and calmness in your life that you always dreamed of. Welcome home!

Chantzis Executive Villas

Komitsa Beach, Nea Roda Halkidiki

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